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Baja Breeze Blower

The Baja Breeze Blower is the newest and most advanced convective air blower available for companion animal warming. Its small stature belies its powerful ability to provide quiet and effective convective air warming to even your most critical patients.

BAJA Accessories

Are you leaving the kennel door open to run the hose through it to warm patients inside? Or connecting the heavy hose (from a blower beneath the OR table) to a blanket on a patient?

Everlast Bleachable Instrument Wraps

Incredibly tough, our Everlast Bleachable Instrument Wraps, that can withstand washing in bleach – ensuring great performance, appearance and a great barrier for years of use. Environmentally friendly; Cost effective

Everlast Bleachable Instrument Pouches

Our Everlast Bleachable Instrument Pouches solve numerous problems while saving you money. Small, tricky to package instruments are simple to contain and autoclave but you need the correct pouch to be efficient. Our new pouches come in a wide variety of sizes to fit the various instruments in your OR.



BullFrog Surgical Fabric

Sterile Field Pet Procedure Pack