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Trouble-free surgical prep in one convenient package

Are you buying individual components for surgery? How much time does it take to assemble drapes and accessories for the OR? GEPCO Veterinary Drapes & Gowns provide you with one sterile pack that contains everything you need for your surgical procedure. That’s simple.

Solutions for all animals, big and small

Whether you’re operating on a chinchilla or a thoroughbred stallion, we have solutions to meet your needs. Our transparent drapes are ideal for pocket pets and exotics, we have a vast array of packs for companion animals, and drapes and gowns specifically designed for equine.

Designed specifically for Veterinarians

Our products are tailor-made with input from leading veterinarians. While many of our competitors simply pull existing products from the human market, we custom make our products to fit the needs of the veterinary community.

Order management to fit your procedure schedule

Think of the team as your procedural partner. Our experts will work with you to create a customized ordering schedule based on your monthly procedural consumption. We offer flexibility and fast shipping to meet your needs because we understand the dynamics of your facility.

A fabric for everything

GEPCO products are designed with two major factors in mind: surgeon comfort and fluid barrier protection. We painstakingly choose our array of materials to ensure that you have the most comfortable fit while maintaining a safe barrier for both you and your patient.

Ethylene Oxide Sterilization

Ethylene oxide (also known as EO or EtO) is a low temperature gaseous process widely used to sterilize a variety of healthcare products, such as single-use medical devices. Through the use of a vacuum-based process, EO sterilization can efficiently penetrate surfaces of most medical devices and its lower temperature makes it an ideal process for a wide variety of materials.

What is Ethylene Oxide Sterilization?

Ethylene Oxide Sterilization is a 3-part gas process which includes pre-conditioning, sterilization, and aeration. EO is an alkylating agent that disrupts cellular metabolism and reproductive processes of microorganisms. EO penetrates breathable packaging, making contact with all accessible surfaces of the product to deliver the required sterility assurance level (SAL).

What are the Benefits of Ethylene Oxide Processing?

Materials sterilized with EO are not exposed to excessive heat, moisture, or radiation. Therefore, a wide variation of materials, particularly polymeric components commonly used in medical devices, can be sterilized with EO. Material compatibility is described in AAMI TIR 17 (compatibility of materials subject to sterilization). Products can be sterilized in their final packaging, since EO will permeate the sealed films and cartons used to package the device.

Veterinary Specific Surgical Gowns:

General & Orthopedic Procedures

All gowns are 50/cs


This gown is a great choice for those who desire a fluid-repellent gown that is very comfortable.

  • Fluid-repellent spunlace body and sleeves
  • Includes paper hand towel
Original Item # AHS Item # Size
PM.1894M 5-1894M Medium
PM.1894 5-1894L Large
PM.1894XL 5-1894XL X-Large


This gown is a great choice for those who desire the ultimate combination of comfort and fluid protection.

  • Fluid-repellent spunlace body
  • Strong fluid-proof Tyvek® sleeves and shield
  • Includes paper hand towel
  • Product Update: Sleeve color changed from blue denim to white; material remains unchanged.
Original Item # AHS Item # Size
PM.1994VM 5-1994M Medium
PM.1994V 5-1994L Large
PM.1994VXL 5-1994XL X-Large
PM.1994VXX 5-1994XXL XX-Large

Veterinary Specific Surgical Gowns:

Colic Procedures

All gowns are 50/cs


This gown is a great choice for those who desire good fluid-repellent protection with a gown that is cooler and more comfortable.

  • Spunlace body; strong, heavy-duty, yellow Tyvek® sleeves
  • Addition fluid-proof Tyvek® shield on inside front of gown
  • Includes cotton hand towel
Original Item # AHS Item # Size
PA.2094VM 5-2094M Medium
PA.2094V 5-2094L Large
PA.2094VXL 5-2094XL X-Large
PA.2094VXXL 5-2094XXL XX-Large


This gown is a great choice for those who desire maximum fluid protection with a strong, rugged sleeve.

  • Impervious, laminated spunlace body
  • Strong, heavy-duty, yellow Tyvek® sleeves
  • Includes cotton hand towel
Original Item # AHS Item # Size
PM.2094VLSM 5-2097M Medium
PM.2094VLS 5-2097L Large
PM.2094VLSXL 5-2097XL X-Large
PM.2094VLSXXL 5-2097XXL XX-Large


This gown is a great choice for those who desire excellent fluid protection with a soft, smooth, and pliable sleeve.

  • Impervious, laminated, spunlace body
  • Sturdy, Blue Embossed Polyethylene sleeves
  • Includes cotton hand towel
Original Item # AHS Item # Size
PM.2094VSLEPM 5-2098M Medium
PM.2094VSLEP 5-2098L Large
PM.2094VSLEPXL 5-2098XL X-Large
PM.2094VSLPEPXXL 5-2098XXL XX-Large

Stockinettes & Leggings


All Impervious Stockinettes come 20pkg

Original Item # AHS Item # Size
PM.1661IMP 20-1661-A 9in x 48in
PM.1662IMP 20-1662-A 12in x 48in


Blue Tyvek with Stockinette Cuff

All Impervious Ortholeggings come 50pkg

Original Item # AHS Item # Type Size
PM.1301V 20-1301-A Feline 3in x 18in
PM.1302V 20-1302-A Small Dog 4.5in x 23in
PM.1303V 20-1303-A Large Dog 5in x 30in
PM.1304V 20-1304-A Giant Breed Dog 7.5in x 43in
PM.1305V 20-1305-A Extra Large Dog 6in x 37in

Looking for something specific or don’t see the GEPCO item you’ve ordered in the past? Contact your sales rep!