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BAJA Warm Air Blankets

Baja blankets are the gold standard in pet patient warming. Our blankets were designed to fit the pet patients – they’re not human pediatric blankets! – and can (and should) be used pre-op, intra-op and post-op. If you’re unfamiliar with convective air warming, please click here to learn more.

Baja blankets (all styles and sizes) tie onto the blower hose and will perform with any brand of blower. So if you’re having hypothermia issues, even on long surgical cases, Baja has a size and style to keep your patients normothermic regardless of when during the perioperative period you’re having issues.

Need a blower?

Already have a blower? Find a blanket or blankets that fit your needs.

Baja Blankets For General Patient Warming

Our basic rectangular and U-shaped Tube blankets are exceptional for use pre- and post-op, though the U-shaped tube blankets are preferred by some surgical teams as the patient lies within the “U,” therefore keeping the non-sterile blanket clear of the sterile surgical draping. These limited-use non-woven blankets are quite affordable on a per-use basis for those with higher concern for cross-contamination between patients.

Over Body – Most Popular

Either part # delivers identical product

Tube Blankets – Most Versatile

Great under patient in OR!

Baja Everlast Reusable Blankets

Everlast III

Prefer durability and the lowest cost per use of any warming blankets on the planet? Look to our Everlast blanket series.

  • Engineered with an impermeable topside (also impervious to fluids, which allows runoff – i.e., dental procedures), all air is forced out of the bottom/patient side of the Everlast blankets.
  • If you’re now using the ‘Red’ cloth blanket, you’ve no doubt noticed the air coming out of the top and bottom! Warm air escaping away from the patient is warmth wasted.
  • Everlast is lower cost than the Red cotton blanket!!
  • Everlast blankets strap onto any blower hose using a quick release buckle


Baja Intra-Op Blankets

Suffering hypothermia during long soft tissue or orthopedic cases? Baja has designs for both procedures. All can be sterilized using normal protocols but are delivered non-sterile.

  • Ortho/Extremity blankets
    • “H” shaped fenestration on the lower end of the blanket through which the operative limb is extended
    • Snugs up to the hip to entirely cover the anesthetized patient
    • Offered in 3 sizes
    • Works especially well with the our 10-100 Sterile Extremity Drape, which seals the air beneath the drape!
  • Soft Tissue blankets
    • Rectangular fenestrations designed larger than your surgical site and longer than your incision to stay out of the way of the sterile surgical drapes
    • Designs allow for maximum blanket coverage on even the smallest pet patient
    • Especially beneficial on lengthy neuro surgery cases


Soft Tissue – Under Sterile Drapes

Ortho/Extremity – Under Sterile Drapes

Baja Dental Blankets

Dental – Water Repellent

Seeing hypothermia on cold, wet and long dental procedures? Try our Baja dental blankets. Fluids run off the film top of the blanket (onto the table) while the air is released on the bottom/patient side.

Still not sure which AHS solutions will work best for your practice? Contact us!