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Warm Air Blowers

Now offering your choice of blowers!

Forced Air Blower

Tiny Stature, Huge Performance

  • Smallest, quietest veterinary blower ever
  • 3 fixed temperature settings
  • Designed to power all 22 Baja Blankets
  • 1 year Warranty
    Baja Breeze Blower Packages

    FDA Declares Forced Air

    Safe and Effective in Surgery

    After a thorough review of available data, the FDA has been unable to identify a consistently reported association between the use of a forced air thermal regulating systems and surgical site infection.

    More warm air on the patient

    than Bair Hugger™

    *Blower not scaled to size

    Forced Air Blower

    • Insulated Hose preserves temp from the blower output to the blanket – save 6-7 degree fahrenheit!
    • Built-in IV Pole Clamp (no additional charge)
    • Side air intakes pulls in less pet hair
    • Lower purchase price than any other blower on the market!

      Ask about our Blower packages!

      Blower + Blankets + Accessories saves $150+!

      Cocoon packages

      Baja Packages

      Warm Air Accessories

      Hosey Badger

      Is the weight of your blower hose dragging the blanket off the patient? The Hosey Badger is the solution!
      • L-Shaped with cutouts on both planes to hold any brand blower hose
      • Notches cut to secure anesthesia hoses of any size
      • Can be placed on a countertop or the OR table while the blower is below the surface – and the blanket stays on the patient!


      Warming in the cage and can’t get the air through the spokes of the door?
      If you’re using Shor-Line cages, the Cage-Duit is your answer!
      • Fits any (Baja, Cocoon or Bair Hugger TM) hose on the outside of the cage
      • Notched cutouts fit through the spokes to a 3′ insulated hose (included) to a blanket inside the cage
      • No tools required; allows ease of movement from one cage to the next
      • IMPORTANT – fits Shor-Line; not necessarily other cage brands

      Kennel Konnector

      Have cages other than Shor-Line? Go with our Kennel Konnector
      • Rubber bands secure the two-piece design through the cage door spokes making a universal fit
      • 3′ Hose for inside the cage to the blanket included
      • No tools required allows ease of movement from one cage to the next

      IV Pole Clamp

      • Optional accessory for the Baja Breeze blower
      • Simple to screw into the back of the Baja and fits any IV pole to get the blower off the floor
      • Available from Patterson Vet or directly from AHS

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