About AHS

Veterinary surgery and critical care have too long been overlooked by medical products’ manufacturers. Their sole aim? The human space. Accordingly, many of the products in use at even the leading hospitals and vet schools are ‘so 80’s.’

That’s pretty much why we founded AHS. Three years later, 800+ customers know us as pioneers in companion animal patient warming. Next stop – the OR. We’re going to revolutionize OR procedure supply management. There’s no reason that veterinary surgeons can’t have surgical products equivalent in form and function to those used by their human counterparts. And we’re going to design (for your four-legged patients, not just little human products), build and package them just how you use them.

Check out the new Sterile Field brand of Pet Procedure Packs. We’re sure to have a configuration (or more than one) that will cut down your OR room turn time, improve your sterile technique and maybe even save you some money. Welcome to the new millennium and a new frontier in veterinary OR supply chain management, 15 years later!

~ Jeff Stickley