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Your Partner for Veterinary Surgery Supply and Critical Care Solutions


Veterinary surgery and critical care have too long been overlooked by medical products’ manufacturers. Their sole aim? The human space. Accordingly, many of the products in use at even the leading hospitals and vet schools are ‘so 80’s.’

That’s pretty much why we founded AHS. Eight years later, 1200+ customers got to know us as pioneers in companion animal patient warming. Now our surgery products are becoming the standard for the leading veterinary surgeons in the US. Our TPLO drape is used on more than 20,000 extremity surgeries annually and our Pet Procedure Packs have tightened the supply chain for over 300 surgeons and hospitals. If you’re still picking and pulling single/sterile supplies and opening 10-12 peel pouches to perform a case, please reach out to discuss your supply needs and we’ll get you some free pack samples to evaluate!

We have built AHS one customer at a time and are proud of our ability to keep our customers in ready product availability through the recent tribulations related to the pandemic. We’re now in excellent inventory position on nearly every product you’ll see here on the site and hope you’ll reach out if your current supplier(s) are unable to meet your needs. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you! All the best.

~ Jeff Stickley 


Animal Hospital Supply was established in 2012 in response to what the two founders felt was an industry need. Conversations with veterinary surgeons and criticalists in a number of leading referral hospitals revealed a general dissatisfaction with the tools available to deal with the challenge of maintaining or restoring normothermia in their companion animal surgical and critical care patients. One criticalist at a leading New York City specialty hospital told us, “We just don’t have the tools we need to keep our patients warm enough.”

These conversations led to ideas, which led to designs, leading to field tests, and finally resulting in new and innovative products, products uniquely designed for the needs of pets. With this initial foothold and the belief that other problems can be solved, a company was born—a company whose mission it is to provide innovative solutions to the challenges and needs of veterinary medicine.

Our Founding

Jeff Stickley

Jeff, a Virginia native with a sometimes unfortunate Arkansas accent, has split his 25 years in the hospital business nearly equally between device manufacturers and distribution. Jeff met Jack at DeRoyal Industries, a privately-held Knoxville medical and surgical products manufacturer. In 2000, he moved to Owens & Minor, the largest US hospital distributor, and in 2005 assumed responsibility for the company’s surgical product and services division. Jeff’s responsibilities were to reverse a declining margin trend for O&M through the sourcing of advancing technologies and niche manufacturers in the surgical space and also to develop a surgical supply chain model.  On a personal note, Jeff recently relocated to Massachusetts, furthering the accent conundrum.


August 2012

AHS formed by Jeff Stickley and Jack Payne

August 2013

Baja Breeze convective air blower launched

AHS surpasses 300 Baja customers

March 2014

May 2015

AHS places Baja blowers in 24th US vet school

AHS launches Sterile Field pet procedure packs

July 2016

September 2016

AHS launches TPLO Drape

AHS creates 100th pet procedure pack

November 2018

April 2019

AHS surpasses 1,100 customers

AHS supplies gowns to Blue Pearl during pandemic shortages

May 2020