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Surgery Reusables

We at AHS realize that disposable products are not only not always cost-effective, but often aren’t preferred or necessary in many surgical settings. We do think that your reusables (drapes, instrument wraps, towels) should meet the minimum performance standards of good sterile technique.


Do your 'cloth' surgery drapes and instrument wraps hold water?

Run a quick test: drop some water onto the drapes and wraps you use to autoclave your instruments. Do the droplets pass through? If so, your drapes/wraps offer no barrier. Time to replace!


What's different with Tomcat and Sterile Field from AHS?

Our engineered fabrics are designed specifically to allow steam penetration but also to now allow a free flow of fluids through the materials. This critical barrier is key for our Tomcat reusable surgery drapes and Sterile Field instrument wraps.

Tom Cat Spay and Neuter Drapes don’t allow strikethrough. Their unique design is comprised of two distinct materials – one of which collects blood and body fluids generated by the procedure and the other – the bottom layer – prevents those fluids from passing through to the patient.

Our Sterile Field wrappers come single or double-ply. Whether you prefer to wrap your instruments/sets twice (with the single-ply) or just once (double), both maintain excellent barrier while allowing steam penetration. These wraps will last hundreds of uses, bringing the price per use to nearly zero. Unless you cut them, our wraps are virtually indestructible – wash hot, bleach, reuse!

Doing some surgery but prefer to reuse rather than dispose of your gowns? We have just the ticket in our Sterile Field Reusable Surgical Gowns. These Level 3 gowns will last hundreds of uses, making them almost free on a per use basis.