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Surgical Gowns

The Basics

A gown provides a barrier to prevent blood and body fluids from the procedure from reaching the clinician (and the other way around). Everyone knows that. Did you know that not all barriers are created equal?
Let’s run it down for you!

Base Material of Gown – key to barrier performance

The type of the base material and how it is constructed is the most important factor in barrier performance. Think about this analogy: if wearing a tee shirt in the rain – does a heavier material repel the water any better than a lighter material? Of course not. A different material – such as the material in a rain coat – does the trick! So material choice in gowns is the #1 factor in your gown barrier.

The majority of veterinary gowns are made of one of these base materials: Cotton/Muslin, Spunlaced Polyester or
Spunbond-Meltblown- Spunbond (called SMS).
By far – on all measures – SMS is the best material for gowns.

Which Gown is Right For My Practice?

The gown of choice – will have enough barrier protection for your bloodiest cases (but not too much). Comfort is key too. The greater the degree of protection built into the gown, the more body heat is trapped within for the wearer, which can be uncomfortable on longer cases. And the additional barrier comes as a higher cost as well. So it’s important not to buy ‘too much’ gown if it’s not necessary.




Why Sterile Field Gowns?


Heat-sealed (never sewn) sleeves keeps fluids out, even at the seams


Adjustable Hook and Loop neck closure is supremely soft!


Set-in Sleeves


Packaged sterile, with a hand towel

Choose the right level of protection for your surgical caseload.

General Use

No Reinforcement Panels

• Barrier is base material only
• Excellent for minor surgical procedures with minimal blood

Extra Protection

Double-Ply in Critical Zones

• Barrier performs well except for the bloodiest procedures
• Upgrade to this series if any issues with strikethrough
• Mid-level cost point

Maximum Protection

Poly/Film Reinforced in Critical Zones

• Most protective gown offered
• Great for bloodiest Soft Tissue or Ortho Cases
• Possibly too warm
for general use

What to Order

General Use

Gown Surgical Field Sterile

SIZE AHS Order # Case Qty
Small 5-006 28
Medium 5-007 24
Large 5-008 24
X-Large 5-009 22
XX-Large 05-010 20

Extra Protection

Fabric Reinforced, Double-Ply
Gown Surgical 2-Ply X-Protect Sterile

SIZE AHS Order # Case Qty
Small 5-011 18
Medium 5-012 18
Large 5-013 22
X-Large 5-014 22
XX-Large 5-015 20

Maximum Protection

Poly/Film Reinforced
Gown Surgical Max Protection Sterile

SIZE AHS Order # Case Qty
Small 5-016 26
Medium 5-017 22
Large 5-018 22
X-Large 5-019 20
XX-Large 5-020 18

Veterinary Specific Surgical Gowns:

General & Orthopedic Procedures

All gowns are 50/cs


This gown is a great choice for those who desire a fluid-repellent gown that is very comfortable.

  • Fluid-repellent spunlace body and sleeves
  • Includes paper hand towel
Original Item # AHS Item # Size
PM.1894M 5-1894M Medium
PM.1894 5-1894L Large
PM.1894XL 5-1894XL X-Large


This gown is a great choice for those who desire the ultimate combination of comfort and fluid protection.

  • Fluid-repellent spunlace body
  • Strong fluid-proof Tyvek® sleeves and shield
  • Includes paper hand towel
  • Product Update: Sleeve color changed from blue denim to white; material remains unchanged.
Original Item # AHS Item # Size
PM.1994VM 5-1994M Medium
PM.1994V 5-1994L Large
PM.1994VXL 5-1994XL X-Large
PM.1994VXX 5-1994XXL XX-Large

Veterinary Specific Surgical Gowns:

Colic Procedures

All gowns are 50/cs


This gown is a great choice for those who desire good fluid-repellent protection with a gown that is cooler and more comfortable.

  • Spunlace body; strong, heavy-duty, yellow Tyvek® sleeves
  • Addition fluid-proof Tyvek® shield on inside front of gown
  • Includes cotton hand towel
Original Item # AHS Item # Size
PA.2094VM 5-2094M Medium
PA.2094V 5-2094L Large
PA.2094VXL 5-2094XL X-Large
PA.2094VXXL 5-2094XXL XX-Large


This gown is a great choice for those who desire maximum fluid protection with a strong, rugged sleeve.

  • Impervious, laminated spunlace body
  • Strong, heavy-duty, yellow Tyvek® sleeves
  • Includes cotton hand towel
Original Item # AHS Item # Size
PM.2094VLSM 5-2097M Medium
PM.2094VLS 5-2097L Large
PM.2094VLSXL 5-2097XL X-Large
PM.2094VLSXXL 5-2097XXL XX-Large


This gown is a great choice for those who desire excellent fluid protection with a soft, smooth, and pliable sleeve.

  • Impervious, laminated, spunlace body
  • Sturdy, Blue Embossed Polyethylene sleeves
  • Includes cotton hand towel
Original Item # AHS Item # Size
PM.2094VSLEPM 5-2098M Medium
PM.2094VSLEP 5-2098L Large
PM.2094VSLEPXL 5-2098XL X-Large
PM.2094VSLPEPXXL 5-2098XXL XX-Large

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