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Can you customize a pack to our exact needs?

Yes, if… If you use 20-25 packs of one type or another per month, we can customize a pack for you. If you perform two types of surgery – say, soft tissue and TPLO – we can custom pack one or both procedures, so long as you perform 20-25 of those monthly.

Do your Baja blankets work with Bair Hugger™?

Absolutely. Baja blankets tie or snap onto the hose – any size – which makes them the universal choice for all blowers on the market.

Do you have disposable surgery gowns in stock that I can buy today?

Yes, we do. Please call us at 888-874-0595, Option 1 and we’ll discuss how many you need each month. We have excellent production capacity and can usually ship to you tomorrow.

Does your Bullfrog rolled material withstand autoclaving?

Yes, but don’t take the temp over 180 degrees Fahrenheit. 160 degrees is adequate to sterilize your instruments; any higher will not only degrade your instruments, but it will also begin to degrade the Bullfrog roll. Good news – this safety feature will result in a slight melting of the material, not an ignition of any sort (such as contact with a cautery in surgery).

Can I put a cautery pencil in my surgery packs? And will it fit my cautery unit?

Absolutely. We have many packs in production right now with a cautery pencil included. Please use the Critical Parts search to find which packs have a pencil included. Our pencils are generally universal to all cautery units but if you have questions, please call us at 888-874-0595, Option 1.

We have never used packs before - do they cost more than buying the parts separately?

If you add the cost of sterilizing the non-sterile parts you’re now buying plus the cost of the parts plus the cost of the sterile parts, the pack is often lower cost. And you get the benefits of a 100% sterile pack, wrapped in a table cover, which sets up your sterile field.

Can I try packs before I buy?

Absolutely and we want you to. If you are interested in trying packs, we have plenty of stock of packs we are producing for other hospitals that we (depending on our inventory position) can send to you – free of charge – to try. And if the parts included in these packs aren’t good enough, we can find something else for you.

I'm just getting started with a new mobile practice and I'm tight on cash - can I try a pack or two?

For sure – just call us at 888-874-0595, Option 1 and we’ll talk through what you need and find a comparable pack – maybe with some extra parts – that will give you a good idea if our packs are going to work for you.

How much do packs cost?

It really depends on what parts are included. Typical packs cost from $10-25 USD per pack. If you add unusual parts (fancy suction handles, such as Pooles and Fraziers), the price rises a couple of bucks from there. But again, let’s discuss!

Can I buy packs by the 'each?'

Not directly from AHS. One of our distributors, Patterson Vet, sells AHS Sterile Field packs by the each. And they pay for shipping.

I'm using a Jorvet™ red warming blanket - why is your Baja/ Everlast blanket better?

We improved the ‘red’ warming blanket by using better materials. The ‘red’ blanket has a taffeta layer in the middle that – when washed hot and dried -shrivels up, therefore allowing the air to escape both sides of the blanket. The patient is only on one side of the blanket and all warm air should go to the patient. Our Baja blankets – all – direct the air to the patient, not the clinician. And they can be washed hot, dried and autoclaved.

Do you have size Small disposable gowns?

Yes, we do!

We want some better reusable surgery drapes. How many do we have to buy?

For any size/configuration, the minimum on reusable surgery drapes in 10 drapes of exact design. In other words, if you want a drape 28×40″ in external dimension with a 1″ x 4″ fenestration, we will make those for you but with a minimum of 10 drapes.

Can I get a price quote before I buy?

Yes, absolutely. Whether it is a custom drape or a custom pack, we always give you a price – if not a free sample first to make sure you like what you’re going to get if you do decide to buy! – before shipping anything to you.