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Surgical Drapes and Gowns

Surgical Gowns are in stock and ready to order (most styles and sizes). Call Now 888-874-0595

Vet-Specific Surgical Drapes

AHS has developed pet-specific procedural drapes (such as our TPLO Drape (Order #10-100) is used on more than 50,000 extremity surgeries annually, worldwide) and basic drapes and drape packs. Is your staff still cutting your drapes from a roll and autoclaving them? If so, you may want to consider our single/sterile drapes – save your valuable tech time for patient care! Regardless of which procedures you perform most, we have a drape or draping system to meet your needs. Ask us about free sterile samples!

Spay / Neuter & General Use Drapes

Are you still using cotton spay/neuter drapes?

For less than $2 per procedure, you can have 100% confidence in sterility by using AHS single/sterile spay neuter drapes. These drapes seal to the patient like our Soft Tissue drapes. Offered in VetSx material or clear poly film, you’ll love our spay/neuter drapes!

Surgical Gowns

Look No further
From the simplest surgical procedure to the most complicated ortho case, Animal Hospital Supply’s Sterile Field brand has a gown to meet your surgical needs. With three levels of protection and five sizes in each range, AHS surely has a gown that fits – physically, financially and with all the barrier protection you need.