Everlast Bleachable Instrument Wraps

If fluid can pass through, bacteria and viruses can too!

Typical inner wrap

The problem: Sterilization wrappers with no fluid barrier are of no clinical benefit. If your outer wrap is a muslin or cotton wrap, your technique is not up to standard. Your inner ‘paper’ wrap is only one barrier layer – and that’s not good enough. Every time it’s handled, any number of microorganisms may be passing through this layer to the sterile wrap within.

The Solution:

Incredibly tough, our Everlast Bleachable Instrument Wraps, that can withstand washing in bleach – ensuring great performance, appearance and a great barrier for years of use.
Environmentally friendly; Cost effective


Key Everlast Wrap features:Everlast Wraps

  • Environmentally-friendly, totally reusable
  • Virtually indestructible, can even be washed in bleach
  • Two-ply Transformed Polyester
  • Inner layer is AAMI Level 3 Barrier, with carbon fibers (to dissipate static electricity)
  • Outer layer is Level 1 Barrier, for toughness
  • “Sleeve” shaped for visual review using a light source to ensure barrier integrity
  • Allows excellent steam penetration; keeps all fluids out
  • Lowest cost per use while maintaining barrier as these will last until torn or cut


AHS Item # Description Size
15-010 Everlast Tray Wrap 2-ply 18×18 18×18″
15-011 Everlast Tray Wrap 2-ply 24×24″ 24×24″
15-012 Everlast Tray Wrap 2-ply 30×30″ 30×30″
15-013 Everlast Tray Wrap 2-ply 36×36″ 36×36″
15-014 Everlast Tray Wrap 2-ply 48×48″ 48×48″

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