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Baja blankets are specifically designed to fit companion animals and put more of the blanket in touch with the patient to prevent hypothermia. And there’s a Baja blanket size and shape for any pet patient at any time they’re under anesthesia or recovering. In fact, we have so many choices, sometimes it’s hard to narrow down the choice to one or two sizes and styles!


Which Baja blanket is best for me? The answer is, ‘it depends.


Hypothermia Issues in the OR? On longer cases? Is infection prevention/cross contamination a primary concern? Henle Vertical 1 Erin in foreground shaping uninflated blanket
If so, consider Baja OR blankets. As they are certain to become contaminated with blood and body fluids, these overbody styles are designed as single-use for superb warming results and quality assurance on even the smallest patient. Remember to add a patient charge for the blanket.

Looking for Day-to-day Normothermia Maintenance? Mostly spays and neuters?
If that’s the case, any of the Baja rectangular ‘Overbody/Underbody’ blankets – made of any of four different materials depending on your expectation for reuse – will get the job done. These shapes are better on large patients (humans) but are not great for the veterinary OR as rectangular shapes encroach upon the sterile field – and just get in the way – on small patients. The Baja ‘Underbody’ Tube  is an exception – this U-shaped underbody blanket is probably our most versatile design/style and can be used anytime, including in the OR.


Dental-horiz-very-brightCold dental patients?
If so, try a Baja Dental blanket. These are completely plasticized (impervious) with the patient side perforated for airflow. They function to keep the patient dry and warm! Baja dental blankets can be wiped down and reused all day (or longer) since the procedure is non-sterile.


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