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Baja OR Blankets

Longer anesthesia times – as is the case with more complex Soft Tissue, Cardiac, Neuro and Orthopedic procedures – run a higher than average risk of hypothermia, especially in smaller pet patients. The Baja solution? Fenestrated blankets to put more blanket surface (and warm air) directly on the patient.

Most key is that the nonsterile blanket stays clear of surgical prep and sterile draping. Our blanket fenestrations – Extra Small (3×5”) through Large (10×19”) – are sized larger than the operative fenestration and beneath the sterile drapes. .

We used the XS Baja Soft Tissue blanket today for a PDA (in a 3 kg Chihuahua) – it worked great!! His temp. after 2hrs of anesthesia was 99F! Sarah Scruggs testimonial
The anesthetist was thrilled. Also, the size of the fenestration was perfect for a femoral vein/artery approach in a small dog.

~ Sarah M. Scruggs, DVM, MS, DACVIM (Cardiology)

Here’s a typical blanket/prep/sterile draping protocol:

  • ‘Dirty’ prep, or clean patient
  • Apply non-sterile Baja blanket before final prep – inflate at any time
  • Deflate Baja blanket; final prep patient (or drape/prep patient, depending on protocol)
  • Apply sterile four-corner drapes (on top of non-sterile Baja blanket)
  • Clamp through drapes and Blanket blanket to secure to patient
  • Inflate Baja blanket when patient drape is applied

Still not sure how to apply the Baja blanket on an Extremity surgery?
Watch Step 1 or  See the rest of our HOW TO videos! Thanks VSEC – Levittown!

Our OR blankets: