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Blanket Materials & Construction

Baja blankets are built from four different base materials in order to balance each hospital’s need between infection prevention (single patient use) versus cost containment (reusability from patient to patient). All Baja blankets are fitted with our unique funnel hose connection (right), allowing them to tie onto a blower hose of any diameter. Here’s a rundown of the Baja blanket base materials:

“Diffusive” material – the original Baja blanket materialmedium

  • Pros – Warmest, most porous Baja material; most styles
  • Cons – Linear non-woven has shear strength in one direction only and tears easily
  • Reusability – very limited, by design
  • Best Used – OR, single-use to avoid cross contamination
  • Baja Diffusive Styles
    • Over/Under – Rectangular
    • Tube
    • Soft Tissue surgical
    • Ortho/Extremity surgical
    • Kennel Basket

“Dura” material – very tough, surgical gown material

  • Pros – Three-ply nonwoven; can tape and remove to secure to patient or table
  • Cons – Not as warm as Diffusive; limited styles offered
  • Reusability – until too soiled, in concert with infection control policies
  • Best Used – under patient in OR; over or under messy patients pre- and post-op
  • Baja Styles
    • Over/Under – Rectangular
    • Tube

“Dental” plasticized material

  • Pros – Fluid repellant keeps patient dry and warm; wipe down between patients; low cost per use
  • Cons – Two rectangular sizes only
  • Reusability – most reusable nonwoven blanket; wipe down and use until too soiled or ripped
  • Best Used – Dental procedures; general use
  • Baja Styles
    • Over/Under – Rectangular

“Everlast” canvas woven blanketseverlast

  • Pros – Washable in cold water, low cost per use
  • Cons – Limited to rectangular sizes, not great for OR
  • Reusability – Good with proper care
  • Best Used – Pre- and post-op
  • Baja Styles
    • Over/Under – Rectangular