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Do your spay/neuter drape hold water?

How to test your drape material: This simple test should be performed each time before the next use of any reusable surgical drape. Form the drape within a bowl, making a cloth cup, and pour water in it.

Water Test on TransPoly Material

Water Test on TransPoly Material


If the water strikes-through, the drape’s barrier is long gone and microbes – just like this water – are likely to migrate through the drape to the operative site from the non-sterile patient beneath. Time for the waste bin, not the surgical suite!

Muslin Drape Close with Water Strikethrough

Muslin Drape Close with Water Strikethrough


Technology = Long-lasting, durable barrier!

Today‘s modern hospitals are more concerned than ever about preventing infection. Don’t let a worn out surgical drape negatively affect your outcomes.

  • Transformed Polyester base material will NOT STRIKETHROUGH
  • Absorbent Pad captures blood and body fluids
  • Four fenestration sizes offered for optimal performance

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The technology behind Everlast Drapes?

  • The barrier – patient-side material – in Everlast Spay, Neuter and Procedure Drapes is certified by
    TransPoly holding water

    Superior Fluid Barrier

    AAMI as a Level 3 fluid barrier – same as a surgical gown. Made of transformed polyester, the barrier in this unique, patented material is FDA approved to maintain barrier even after 200 commercial washings. The material, and it’s performance as a sterility barrier between the non-sterile patient and the procedure above, will last virtually forever!

Bleach it, wash hot, dry hot and autoclave – you can’t ruin an Everlast drape unless you cut it!

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