Introducing the TomCat Spay-Neuter Drapes from AHS
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Do your spay-neuter drapes look like this? 

And does fluid strike though them? If so, the drape is beyond its useful life. If there’s no fluid barrier, the drape is of no clinical value in preserving the sterile field from the non-sterile patient beneath. If fluids can pass through, so can every microorganism on the patient’s body!

Here is your solution!

Our TomCat drapes don’t allow strikethrough.  Their unique design is comprised of two distinct materials one of which collects blood and body fluids generated by the procedure and the other the bottom layer prevents those fluids from passing through to the patient.

Bleachable, Autoclavable

FDA approved to maintain barrier quality for 200+ washings.

Top Layer Absorbs

The darker top layer, provides absorption around the fenestration.

Level 3 Barrier

The level 3 barrier protection on the patient side prevents strikethrough to the patient.

We offer a variety of sizes, and custom orders are available.

Custom sizes are available for orders of 10 or more. Call us or email

10-500 Neuter Drape – Small

10-500 Neuter Drape - Small

10-503 Spay/Neuter Drape Large

10-501 Neuter Drape – Small

10-502 Spay Neuter Drape – Medium

10-510 Drape – Small Procedure/Ophthalmic

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