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Animal Hospital Supply Products

Bringing Proven Product Concepts from Human Healthcare to the Veterinary Market

You know that maintaining your patients as close as possible to normothermia, throughout the perioperative experience, helps avoid infections, speeds healing, results in better pharmaceutical uptake, and overall, helps avoids complications. You also know that your patients’ normal body temperatures are higher, and their ability to retain body heat less, than human surgical patients. Better Way for Products page

Should you be satisfied with veterinary products that are not as well designed, and do not use the same technology, as the best human products? At AHS, we think not. That’s why we have taken our extensive experience on the human healthcare side, and developed two types of products that utilize the latest in warming technology to give you the ability to deliver the best patient care available in the area of normothermia maintenance.

BAJA Convective Air Blankets
BAJA Silver Heat Products