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25-354-01 Ortho Pack 67

Order #: 25-354-01
Number of Packs in a Case: 6

For more information about this pack, call 888-874-0595, Option 1 and we will be happy to discuss your needs, share pricing and any other available options!

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Additional information


Pencil Cautery


Bowl Solution 1000cc

Drape for Patient

Drape Airtight Extremity 76×104"

Drape Four-Corner

Drape Four-Corner 28×20" w/tape

Drape Specialty

Drape Ioban 6650

Draping - Foot/Leg

Foot Drape 20×20", Vet Wrap 2" Red


Gauze Xray 4×4" 10/pack


Gown Surgical Lg General Use (wrapped with towel)


Syringe Bulb Irrigating 60cc

Surgical Accessories

Cleaner Cautery Tip, Cover Light Handle Universal (2)

Table Cover/Pack Wrap

Cover Table/Pack Wrap 44×75"


Wrap for Pack 26×26"