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25-200-02 Scope Pack 1

Order #: 25-200-02
Number of Packs in a Case: 8

For more information about this pack, call 888-874-0595, Option 1 and we will be happy to discuss your needs, share pricing and any other available options!

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Additional information


Blade for Scalpel #15

Drape for Patient

Drape for Patient 44×60", Drape for Patient XL 76×100"

Draping - Foot/Leg

Foot Drape 20×20", Glove Surgical sz 7.5 (for foot cover), Vet Wrap 4" Red

Needles/Syringes (hypo)

Needle 22 ga, Syringe 20 ml L/L, Syringe 5 ml L/L

Table Cover/Pack Wrap

Cover Table/Pack Wrap 44×75"