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10-111 Drape Sterile Elbow/Stifle Bi-Lateral Airtight – Standard

Order #: 10-111

  • Krayton is non-binding and will not constrict around the limb. Our 1.5” elongated fenestration can fit around the limb of a 60 kg dog – easily!
  • 76” wide x 104” long – wide enough to handle torsion of the leg during surgery and still cover the table sides
  • Absorbent pad (with film back) around operative site collects blood and body fluids
  • Tube/Cord holder organizes suction, cautery
  • Excellent ‘key sheet’ for a Pet Procedure Pack
  • Can be used with Four-Corner draping or without
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Drape for Patient

Drape Sterile Elbow/Stifle Bi-Lateral Airtight – Small