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Surgical Drape base material changing, effective immediately!

Sterile Field Packs use only the best barrier fabrics

With the SMS shortage worldwide (due to COVID driving demand for facemasks, which are made of SMS), our Sterile Field packs now utilize an even better barrier material. We call it VetSx. VetSx:

  • Features a full film barrier on the patient (under) side to prevent strikethrough. This is a big improvement in the key mandatory feature of a surgical drape – fluid barrier>/li>
  • Features a fully absorbent top side. The entire upper-facing surface of the VetSx will pick up all but huge quantities of blood and body fluids from reaching the floor
  • SMS drapes in your packs – and in your single/sterile drapes – will be phased out and VetSx phased in, beginning immediately

Are you absolutely confident your field is sterile?

Have you ever noticed ‘strike-through’ on your paper surgical drape? If so, your field has been compromised and a conduit for bacteria to pass through has been opened. If you’re now draping with ‘surgical roll,’ your barrier isn’t as sound as it should be. Pulp-based drapes and gowns are no longer used in human surgery as they’re inferior in performance, fit and price.

strikethrough wetlaid

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