Sterile Field Packs use only the best barrier fabrics

Three-ply SMS – the standard in human surgical draping

Pet Procedure Packs from AHS include only SMS surgical drapes. SMS stops fluids from penetrating.
Other features of SMS:

  • Lower cost than paper-based drapes
  • Improved draping – conforms to patient shape
  • Three-ply – excellent fluid barrier
  • More comfortable (the standard in surgical gowns as well)

Are you absolutely confident your field is sterile?

Have you ever noticed ‘strike-through’ on your paper surgical drape? If so, your field has been compromised and a conduit for bacteria to pass through has been opened. If you’re now draping with ‘surgical roll,’ your barrier isn’t as sound as it should be. Pulp-based drapes and gowns are no longer used in human surgery as they’re inferior in performance, fit and price.

strikethrough wetlaid

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