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Our Specialized Materials

A Balanced Approach to Fluid Management, Protection, and Patient Comfort

Traditionally, drapes made from SMS (spunbond-meltblown-spunbond) are comprised of non-absorbent spunbond top and bottom layers and a middle layer made with short, randomly distributed meltblown fibers. This offers excellent barrier protection but is not impermeable to fluids. To this structure, absorbent reinforcement material is added in the critical zones to help manage fluids.

GRI-Alleset’s new ONEZONE™ fabric technology is engineered using a combination of spunbond layers and a protective polyethelyne (PE) film to deliver optimal performance, and is available with or without patient comfort layer, depending on procedural needs.

Our Two-Layer SF (spunbond-film) material combination provides the same highly absorbent spunbond top layer combined with the film bottom layer, ideal for procedures where a comfort layer is not required. The Three-Layer SFS (spunbond-film-spunbond) fabric includes a film middle layer nestled between an absorbent spunbond top layer, and a soft spunbond bottom layer designed specifically for patient comfort.

Top-To-Bottom Innovation For Better Protection

The drape’s entire top layer has been treated for absorbency, helping to manage and disperse fluids away from the operative site, reducing the risk of microbial migration and potential surgical site infections. These features also help to control fluid pooling and runoff, proving additional protection for the clinician and surgical equipment.

When required, an absorbent reinforcement material can be added to the critical zone to provide even more fluid management capability.

Excellent Absorbency

Superior Barrier Performance

Ignition Resistant

ONEZONE™ is designed to meet the rigorous clinical demands of today’s ever-changing health care environment by providing maximum strength and durability while maintaining ease of drapeability, low lint generation, excellent protection against ignition sources, and the highest level of barrier protection. Below is a comparison of our new fabrics to SMS drape material.

Base Weight grams/meter2 Material weight for protection Standard Better Best
Tensile Strength Newton Durability and material strength Standard Better Best
Impact Penetration Rate grams Resistance to fluid penetration Standard Better Best
Absorbent Capability grams Fluid control and management Best Best

* All drapes meet 16 CFR Part 1610 Class 1 Flammability Rating