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Disposable Sterile Veterinary Surgical Packs


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Innovators in Veterinary Surgical Technique and Hypothermia Prevention

Veterinary surgery and critical care have too long been overlooked by medical product manufacturers. Let AHS bring today’s human standards to your veterinary practice.

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FDA endorses Air Warming in Surgery for Better Outcomes

AHS Work Flow


Human Surgical Technology Experience

Our team has over 100 years’ combined experience with all aspects of the human surgical space. From supplies to devices to the optimizing the flow of materials to the OR, we’ve been there, done that.

New Product Development

The supplies for veterinary surgery are mostly behind the times. And there’s no reason for it. Better materials, more appropriately sized products and systems for packaging supplies to the point of use are right in our wheelhouse.

Continuing Education

Every day in the veterinary OR is another day to find what’s not there. Specific categories of supplies, commonly used on all human surgical procedures in the US, just aren’t here. Our role at AHS is to bring full featured products, developed to fit pets, and to educate everyone we encounter that better products equal better outcomes.

Liquid Barrier is Critical

Establishing a fluid barrier between the non-sterile environment and the sterile field is probably the single most-controllable aspect of maintaining good sterile technique. And yet, most veterinary practices incorporate less than adequate barriers by using worn out muslin pack wraps – and storing them on the shelf for months or years – and less than optimal products and techniques in surgery to eliminate the risk of fluid penetration.

The liquid barrier – critical in sterile processing and in the OR – must be maintained in order to prevent microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses from passing from the environment to sterilized instruments within a pack or through surgical drapes from the patient to the surgical site. Learn more about how our products meet or exceed the AAMI Level 3 barrier or higher.

SMS material with water beads

Frequently Asked Questions

After our start in Pet Patient Warming, we get all sorts of questions about which Baja product performs best in which clinical situation. And the answer is, it depends! Whether you’re looking at the best solution with infection prevention in mind or a multi-patient use option, Baja has you covered. After checking out the site and if you’re not sure, please Contact Us!

Since we’ve turned our attention to the OR and bringing our first procedural drapes and packs to veterinary surgery, the curious are asking about absorbent reinforcements, adhesives instead of clamps and better performing drape nonwovens.

What's an AHS customer look like?

Any hospital or clinic that performs any type of procedure, regardless of how small, can benefit from AHS products. We designed our products working with the leading hospitals in the country and count 21 vet schools as current customers. We also have 800 active customers of all sizes, from the single-practitioner to the largest referral hospitals in the country. Check out our product portfolio to see how your practice may benefit.

Which AHS products may be of benefit?

If you’re a large referral hospital, performing long complex procedures, you’ll definitely need a hypothermia prevention protocol (and the products to back it up). You could also benefit from our Pet Procedure Packs – a single, perfectly sterile, unit of all the disposable supplies that will save you time and money.

If you’re a small practice using heating pads, rice bags, baby socks or IV bags warmed in the microwave to try to maintain body temp, please be careful! All Baja Patient Warming products allow you to control and maintain your patient’s temp. Control and the ability to monitor temp could be the difference in a successful outcome and a deadly burn!

Where can I get your products?

Animal Hospital Supply works with the leading distributors in the US. We also sell in Canada and the UK. Click here to see where to buy.

We used the XS Baja Soft Tissue blanket today for a PDA (in a 3 kg Chihuahua) – it worked great!! His temp. after 2hrs of anesthesia was 99F! The anesthetist was thrilled. Also, the size of the fenestration was perfect for a femoral vein/artery approach in a small dog.

Sarah Scruggs, DM, MS, DACVIM

Staff Cardiologist, Specialized Veterinary Services

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