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BAJA Kennel Konnector

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BAJA Kennel Konnector

Closing the Door on Accidents

The BAJA Kennel Konnector is your conduit to safe patient warming inside the kennel. Here’s how it works:

  • The blower and hose stay outside the kennel
  • The warming blanket, under and/or around the patient, is inside
  • Using quick release reinforced rubber bands and foam inserts, the two-piece Door Clamp assembly attaches through the kennel door
  • The 2 ½’ hose (included) delivers air to the blanket, through the kennel door, keeping the patient warm!
  • No tools required!

Close the Door on Patient Accidents Today with the AHS Baja Kennel Konnector, AHS catalog number 1-103.

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