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What’s a Procedure Pack?

What’s a ‘procedure pack?’ A procedure pack is a sterile unitized kit of single-use supplies, specifically those supplies used on any particular surgical procedure. Some of those supplies might be surgical drapes, gowns, needles, syringes, blades, tubing, dressings and other categories of supplies commonly used such as bowls, basins and containers. The more complex the procedure (i.e., TPLO), the more supplies in the pack. Every human surgical procedure (in developed countries at least) is opened with such a pack – for better sterile technique, to save time and money.

Some of the benefits of procedure packs, versus buying and opening each individual sterile component for one procedure, are

  • 100% guaranteed sterile product in an easy-to-open package
  • Cost reduction (less ordering, inventory-overall supply chain expense)
  • Reduced time to start cases (minimal case pulling and supply opening), allowing for more cases to be performed in a day

The pack construction/ assembly is designed to initiate the construction of the sterile field. (That’s why we’re calling our packs ‘Sterile Field!). Each pack – again, all within the peel pouch is sterile – is wrapped in a table cover which is sized appropriately to wrap not only the supplies in the pack but also to cover the table in the OR onto which all supplies and sterile instruments are placed. When opened, the Sterile Field – at least for supplies and instruments – is created.


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