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How Sterile is Your Field?

How Sterile is your Field?

If you’re autoclaving muslin drapes or stacking multiple single-use drapes (including towels), the field you’re creating to operate within may not be quite as sterile as you think.

Standards for establishment of the sterile field are set by the Association of Operating Room Nurses (AORN). No such body exists in veterinary medicine. Many vet schools teach the simple ‘square-off’ method, with four single-use or cloth rectangular drapes, to create the fenestration for the operative site. The standard draping practice has been largely abandoned in human surgery as the use of ‘key sheets’ – a single full-featured drape for the procedure – offer a more certain barrier between the patient and surgery team.

If you have any appreciable surgical infection rate, take out the guesswork and make certain your field is not part of the problem. Every Pet Procedure Pack in the Sterile Field brand from Animal Hospital is 100% guaranteed to be sterile. All are wrapped in a Back Table Cover onto which you can confidently open your instruments. Each Pet Procedure Pack contains either a procedure-specific key sheet or four size-appropriate rectangular drapes to ensure the best possible technique. All drapes are made from the same materials used in human surgery to guarantee no strike through.

From the most basic pack to a full-blown TPLO kit, Pet Procedure Packs has the right setup for your cases. Find the configurations that are right for you!

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