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Barrier is Key

Every effective surgical drape design starts with one critical attribute: the base material must create a barrier between the non-sterile patient and the sterile procedure above.

SMS – 3 layers:

SMS – The standard is human surgical drape



• Allows steam to pass through (as sterilization wrap)
• Allows heat to escape (for gown wearers)

Spunbond layers – softer for comfort


Excellent barrier, even in light basis weights


Lowest Cost (by far) due to high demand/use in human surgery


Meltblown (middle) layer provides breathable barrier

Absorb/Repellent Base Material

But wouldn’t it be nice if, after the barrier has been established, that drape also had other characteristics as well? For example, do your procedures generate lots of blood and body fluids that routinely pour onto the floor? How about a fluid absorption feature built into the drape material?

Introducing Cutting-Edge

3-ply multi-functional base material
Substantial non-woven drapes nicely
Absorbent topside (complete surface) picks up blood and body fluids
Patient side secures with adhesive; impervious film backing prevents strikethrough
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