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Baja Dura

Tested Tough

Close-up of Baja Dura SMS

Close-up of Baja Dura SMS

So you tried convective air blankets and found they warmed well but didn’t withstand repeated uses between patients? Try the Baja Dura blankets.

The three-layer nonwoven ‘SMS’ patient-side material warms patients almost as well as our Diffusive blankets, but is extremely tough. (See the microscopic cross-section of the three layers above).

How tough is the Baja Dura? Feel free to tape it to the patient or the table – removing the tape should be no problem. Wipe it off and use it again, as your facility’s product reuse and infection prevention policies allow. medium

Baja Dura Blankets are available in both our general purpose Overbody Blankets, and our versatile Warming Tubes.